Physical barriers, as it turns out, are quite often merely psychological. They designate space in a way that is becoming increasingly obsolete. Visions of city structure loosed from traditional forms become a playground for the artist, allowing him or her to examine how people use space outside of ordinary designations. A move toward understanding the built environment in terms of a cultural landscape allows for a fuller, more thoughtful examination of space - and our place within it.

Urban exploration photography is often seen narrowly, as the documentation of modern ruins. This description is an imposed barrier. At its core, urban exploration is no more than exploring the built environment with a sense of wonder and excitement. Sometimes, with a camera. Working within existing parameters of expected behaviour, the spirit of the law is more often obliged than her letter.

The phenomena captured in the images stand outside of space and time as metaphor; we stare at them in the hope that the opacity will somehow drop, allowing an Encounter. The photographs go beyond showing what the city looks like, and express how it feels.