Exploring our landscape through multiple.exposures


Cities are layered, with many converging landscapes. Somehow, we imagine a unified view of their structure. The fact that there are different, conflicting and yet overlapping cities within cities, as it were, is difficult to convey in any single image.

Giving the viewer a 'slice of time' has always been the attraction of photography – and this is exactly why photographs have such hold over us: unlike ourselves, they exist outside the ‘always already’ of ordinary time.

In this series, my question of the photograph and of the city is the same: how do we shape it, and in turn, how does it shape us. Multiple exposures within a single image is my way of holding this together.

Interference.patterns, like all of my photographic endeavors, is an attempt to press beyond mere description, and explore how the city feels – to document the emotional landscape.

"But a city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time" (Patrick Geddes).